Corporate and Individual Forex

Foreign Bank Notes

We offer all major currencies, and with prior notice are often able to help with more exceptional currencies.

Cash PassportTM

How Money Should Travel

Cash Passport will change the way you think about your money when travelling. With all the security of travelers cheques, but without the hassle, it allows you to pre-load your travel budget for safe and convenient use at millions of ATM’s, as well as shops and restaurants worldwide.

Card Fees

  • Initial Card Fee – RIOO I Additional Card Fee – R50
  • Replacement Card Fee – FREE
  • Point of Sale Fee – FREE
  • ATM Withdrawal Fees:
    • USD 3.00
    • GPB 1.80
    • EUR 2.00
    • AUD 3.00
  • Currency to Currency Conversion Fee – 4%
  • Monthy Inactivity Fee – USD 2.00 or currency equivalent
  • Shortfall Fee – USD 15.00 or currency equivalent.

For more information on reload options, please email:

Inter Africa Rand Card

Inter Africa Rand card enables you to carry your Rands safely.

Master Card driven

Prepaid Debit Card

  • PIN protected
  • Stop card if required
  • View balance anywhere with the “What’s on my Card” App
  • Call support between 06hOO and 21h30.

ATM Withdrawal

Standard Bank – RIO.OO Other ATM’s – R17.50

Card Cancellation and PIN Reset

Contact Inter Africa O.R. Tambo

Tel: +27 (0) 942 1750 between 06hOO and 21h30

Cards can also be cancelled via our website:

Balance Enquiry

  • Standard Bank – R3.OO
  • Other ATM’s – R4.45
  • “What’s on my Card” application – FREE

Point of Sale Withdrawal

  • POS transaction without withdrawal – FREE
  • Withdrawal with purchase – R2.60
  • Withdrawal without purchase – R3.35
  • Other Fees
  • PIN reset – R5.50
  • Lost Card replacement – RIO.50 Loading Fee – FREE

Telegraphic Transfers


A telegraphic transfer is a transfer of funds via the international swift network; it takes three to five working days for the funds to reflect in the foreign bank account. T T ‘s can be used to pay Land Arrangements or to avail of one’s Travel Allowance.


We can receive incoming T T ‘s sent by foreigners for advance or full payment of travel related expenses. Standard Bank South Africa facilitates all of our T T ‘s.